Very Useful online Source(s) with regards to SAP Authorizations

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A couple of years ago, when I was searching for useful information about SAP Security/SAP Authorizations I stumbled upon an incredible source of information online. Doing some more research the past year I actually found more and more quality blogs about this particular topic. Below you'll find a list of 3 websites I think you'll find beneficial.


The first website is managed by Marie-Luise Wagener, a real expert in the field of SAP Security & Authorizations/GRC/...

Even if you are already a senior consultant in this area, I think you'll still be able to greatly benefit from the articles, and even free books she is offering on these topics.

Make sure to visit the following page where she offers a lot of useful PDF documents about following topics:

There are more useful documents to be found, so check the website yourself!
She also offers a very useful "Practical Guide for SAP ® Security".


  •  Another very useful website is called SAP SECURITY EXPERT  and is managed by Raghu Boddu. You'll find a great deal of very intresting blogposts
  • A third website you might want to put in your favorites in the area of SAP Authorizations would be SAP Security Pages  which is owned by Aninda, who on its turn provides useful blog posts about many SAP Security related topics.
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