URL and Parameters to launch the SAP CRM WEB UI

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In CRM the WebUI is a web based user interface. It runs in a browser. To start the WebUI we need a URL. Next to starting the 'standard' URL, we can use additional parameters to navigate directly to more specific details.

You can start using the WebUI with the ‘standard’ start URL, like


After you logged on, you navigate to the function you need. However, it is possible to start the WebUI by adding parameters at the end of the URL and directly select or navigate to a function.

In a previous post I already elaborated alternative ways to launch the SAP CRM WEBUI, so not only using the URL:

See How to Launch the SAP CRM WEBUI


Examples of Usage of some URL Parameters:

Direct logon using client/user/password/language:


Before the first parameter you have to add a ‘?’. Any other parameter you add is preceded by a ‘&’.

You can skip parameters when they have been defaulted by system or personal settings already, like client and logon language. Replace client number, language, XXX and YYY with your own credentials.

Be aware, sending your user/password over http can be seen by system administrators or IT-experts that trace traffic to a host. So be careful when you do so.

Logon with a business role:


The saprole represents the business role.

Logon with business role and directly start a logical link:


Next to the name of the logical link, the business role is required. A logical link could be called from different business roles. For each role the link could be configured in a different way.

Logon with business role and logon credentials:


Logon and jump directly into an object (like: activity - display):


Such URL could be useful when it is included in an e-mail, for example to notify someone about a CRM object. Add the object type as defined in the navigation profile (OP mapping) together with the action and the GUID of the object.

The service ’uif_logon’ is shortcut (alias) for ‘bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start’ (as of release CRM 7.0); both can be used.

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