How To SuperQuickly share an SQVI Query between colleagues ?

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In the past I already explained 1 way to share an SQVI query (which was a bit more elaborated and took a bit more effort to do so).

See my previous blogpost:




The advantage of the above method is that it’s a more official way of actually converting an SQVI Query into a SQ01 query which is shared with a certain user group.


However, suppose you just want to quickly share a query you build (just to analyse and test a certain bug which now is fixed –so you’ll probably do not need this query once the fix in your production system)  with some people and therefore are not looking for an ‘official’ method to share the SQVI query as SQ01 query.


Then the following approach is definitely the quickest way I recently figured out :-)

You are welcome to download and distribute this small tutorial



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