Step By Step Tutorial on How to setup your very own SAP Trial system

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a great guy called Peter Moxon, who like me is an SAP consultant,  has created several very good SAP courses. They can be found at a largely reduced price on our website under the section "SAP training". For that matter I will also be able to offer you a 50% discount on many other courses in the next couple of weeks.


But today, I wanted to let you know how you can access a short online training "How to setup your own SAP Trial System". This is completely free for all our SAP University readers and really explains step by step how you can do so.

Personally I usually buy access to a remote SAP system, but this comes at a price. Learning ABAP however or other basic stuff about SAP can also be done in a trial version.

Below you see what this tutorial will teach you:


Section 1 - Download And Setup The Operating system

1 - Download And Setup The Operating system

2 - Download And Setup The Operating system

3 - Create a Virtual Machine and Install Windows 7 Pro


Section 2 - Installing 3d party Software For the SAP System

1 - Setup The Virtual Machine - Ready for the SAP System Install

2 - Setup Java and Configure the OS


Section 3 - Installing the SAP Trial System

1 - Starting the Install of SAP Trial System

2- Running the SAP Trial System Instance

3 - Install the SAP GUI for your SAP Trial System


Section 4 - Setup and Install the SAP Trial  System License and Developer Key

1- License Key and Developer Key


Click HERE to acces this FREE online Tutorial



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