Start Blogging - Resources and Tips

1 Prerequisites

  • Make sure you have read the terms and conditions mentioned on the page 'Become an Author'
  • Make sure you have entered your name & email address on the subscription form on that same page ! As I use email integration (using AWEBER as a tool) I use different email lists.
  • Send me by email the following details: (my contact details can be found here)
    • The SAP Modules you would like to blog about
    • Let me know if you already have experience with blogging (on a Word Press based platform) !
    • The n° of years experience in SAP
    • A Jpg-file (a picture of yourself) that I can use  on the author page! However, potentially I can also use your gravatar picture (see the next step!)

2 Gravatar

In order to blog using an author profile, you first must create your own Gravatar profile @ www.gravatar.com

Normally you have received an email with a PDF about how to create your own profile! For your convenience you can also download the file below, by clicking on the "Gravatar Image".


3 Wait now for your User ID & password with which you can logon as an author !

You will receive an email once we took care of the creation of your personal Author Profile! This should not take more than 3 working days, unless we're closed due to holidays :-)

Attention when trying to logon to the WordPress Admin panel as a Co-author:

You will get two logon screens where in the first logon screen you use:

Username: login

Password: login

In the second logon screen, which is the real wordpress admin panel logon screen, you enter the USername and password that has been provided to you; and which is your personal one !!


4 Edit your Author Profile

Once you received an email containing your personal UserID & password, you will be able to logon to the Sap University Administration panel.

Use the following link: http://www.sapuniversity.eu/wp-admin

Important before altering anything on your Author Profile! If you are not very familiar (yet) with blogging yourself using the WordPress application, please do not change the 'Password" you were given by us, as in such a case you"ll be given the option to temporarily send us articles using MS Word. We'll have these documents transcribed offshore into a blog post for you! In order for the article to be posted under your own author profile - the persons working offshore must in such a case logon to the WP-admin panel using your User ID & password.

 If however you are already familiar with creating a blog post yourself, you may change your password as we do not need to have your articles published by someone else.

Please click on the link below - which explains how to edit your Author Profile Settings!


5 Create a Blog Post

In order to explain the basics of creating a blog post I have created a pretty solid tutorial that should explain the most important 'technical' and 'functional' aspects that should get you started! Click on the image to download the Tutorial

What I have NOT included so far are the integration of Video's so far. This can be videos found on YouTube or videos you have created yourself, explaining stuff in SAP while you record what you are DOING and using a microphone to explain what steps you are performing in the system (e.g. customizing).

I will try to elobrate more about this once I have purhased Camtasia Studio and did some basis testing with this software. But as this software costs about 250 USD I do not directly assume you'll be using these features ...