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This document details how to install SAPSPrint on select Print Servers to allow for printing from various SAP applications.

Background SAP applications have specific requirements to map internally created queues to Windows print queues, and the SAPSPrint service allows this functionality.

Installation Steps

Perform the following on windows print servers.

Launch xSPrint_8-10008892.exe

Note: How to download installation file

SAP Software Download Center >>Support Packages and Patches  >> Search for Support Packages and Patches : Search for SAPSPRINT




Click Next



Select Installation path and press Next



Provide port number


NOTE: If the LPD Service is installed  under Print Management (Windows TCP/IP Printing), that service defaults to 515.   The SAPSPrint port will need to be changed in that scenario.

Installation is finished


You will able to see new Window Service created as below.


NOTE: This starts immediately after install.   Local System gives SAPSPrint access only to locally defined printers.   If there is a requirement to have access to machines not defined on the print server (eg. Remote network, printers locally connected to client, etc) then this service will need to start under a domain account.


I would also like to add that there are also command line options that you can leverage to make the install easier/faster if you are required to install these on numerous print servers in your Windows environment.  I have used the /noDLG option and the entire install is just a progress bar.


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