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Are you looking for affordable and quality SAP courses?

As a freelance SAP consultant I am continuously looking for good SAP resources, system access and training materials that allow me to broaden my knowledge.

When looking for an SAP course, the main key factors that are important for me in this case are:

  • Are the SAP courses "affordable " ( I do not have an unlimited budget and official SAP training courses are very expensive).
  • The quality should be very good - well structured courses that are easy to follow
  • The instructor should be understandable (sometimes you have language issues with instructors that do not master the language)
  • Online /offline study possibilities (I prefer to study when e.g. commuting to work by train - so having offline access to the course materials and videos on my ipad is awesome)
  • I prefer quality video courses over sap books to learn and master new SAP stuff


Here is the solution to all the above requirements!

During my endless online research I stumbled upon  sources that offers cheap but nevertheless very qualitative SAP courses created by experts in their field. What can you expect?

  • SAP courses at a fraction of the official price compared to following a similar course at SAP or at another consultancy firm onsite.
  • Courses created and given by real experts in their field (SAP Experts with 10+ years of experience in their domain)
  • Online /offline study possibilities (All courses can be consulted online wherever you have internet access). Even better, most of them can be consulted online and even OFFLINE on your ipad/iphone.
  • These courses are created using quality videos where you can exactly follow WHAT and HOW things are done in the SAP system itself
  • Some instructors have their own Facebook community/group where you can ask questions concerning the subject of the course materials
  • View and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.


  • SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling)
  • SAP SD
  • SAP BW
  • SAP DEVELOPMENT - ABAP & ABAP OO programming


Feedback from people who took those SAP courses:

SAP course for Beginners and End Users

1. SAP: A Guide for Beginners and End Users

SAP - A Guide for Beginners and End Users

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"5 things I am impressed with in the course"

  • Lucid instructions
  • live demos
  • self paced learning at my own ease
  • Instructor is calm and easy to follow
  • covers a technical topic at ease

"is very good because..."

  • either on my iPad or on my Mac, I have to say the user interface is quality.
  • the instructor, he speaks with a perfect pace to follow each lecture
  • the lectures do cover the basics well.
  • And the overall user experience is better than I actually expected, since I have seen many other websites out there, and there is nothing that i would compare to this great and well done work.

SAP - A Guide for Beginners and End Users - reviews

2. Learn SAP - Online Beginner Training

(50 % SPECIAL DISCOUNT for SAP University Readers)

Learn SAP course - online Beginner Training

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"Great job"

it is such a great course for beginners, definitely from scratch, you don't have to know anything about SAP, just take it and
you will learn a lot of stuff about SAP which some times the professionals have already forgot :)

Thanks Peter

"Start here to know about SAP"

Learning is a never ending process. Then, what better way is out there than learning it quick and right from the experts.
I have finished this course in 2 days. Of course, for me, it's like a refresher course because I did this course as part of my MBA.
It's equivalent to almost a semester course. I don't hesitate recommending this course to anyone and everyone who is enthusiastic to know about SAP.
All that I can say is, this will just be the beginning!

Learn SAP course - online Beginner Training -rating


1. ABAP Programming for Beginners

(53 % SPECIAL DISCOUNT for SAP University Readers) Regular Price = $269 ==> now only $125

SAP ABAP Programming For Beginners - Online Training

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"Well demonstrated and explained "

I'm a FICO analyst who like most of the people in SAP field needs to know how to read and debug ABAP code.
I find this course very helpful. Peter explains each subject clearly and succinctly without glossing over the important points.
I started this course with a very little expectation, I'm very glad that I was wrong.

"Very easy and detailed course"

At first I apologize for my bad English (I’m Russian).

Before starting this course, I already read 2 books (Wolfgan Veis, and Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4 in 21 Days) and try working with abap. But after that I wont to repeat and consolidate my knowledge, I start searching video tutorials and find this course. I starting watch this course, and I can say it is very VERY detailed and easy video course, I thinks it is best way starting teaching ABAP.

About Pete. Pete is great man, he always answer on my question via Skype, even if my question not link with course. Additionally he help me pay for course (in Russia we have some difficult with payment system).

My opinion. Pete – Great man, ABAP Programming For Beginners Online Training – Great course !

ABAP Programming RATING


(53 % SPECIAL DISCOUNT for SAP University Readers) Regular Price = $269 ==> now only $125


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"The best ABAP course I have ever taken"

I got this course when it was first made available after already having been through Peter's BEx course.

From start to finish this course teaches you everything you need to know to understand and using ABAP Objects. The level of detail in this course is fantastic. I did an ABAP objects course some years back and found it difficult to grasp. This course explains everything by example which is perfect for how I like to learn.

I will definitely be looking for more courses by Peter

"5 star rating"

I was completely new to ABAP before taking Peter's introduction course and that learnt me a lot in a short space of time.
I'm only half way through the ABAP Objects course and I'm already happy to write a 5 star review. Peter really knows his stuff and his course material is excellent.
I'm so pleased I found his courses because I have been wanting to learn ABAP for years but the cost of SAP courses was far too expensive for me.
With Peter's courses you get to learn ABAP from the ground up and to an expert level.
I still have lots of practice work to do but I know I have learnt the foundations for ABAP that will be of value to me in the rest of my career.
I can not recommend these ABAP courses enough and the extremely low price makes them affordable to anyone!!



1. Learn SAP BEX Analyzer - 2013 Academy Training Course

(48 % SPECIAL DISCOUNT for SAP University Readers) Regular Price = $127 ==> now only $65


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This course gives a detailed explanation of BEx Analyzer from start to end. Much better than reading the book.
I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to learn BW BEx reporting.

"Very good In-Depth course"

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about the BEx Analyzer.

The videos are clear, audio is good and the instructor really knows what he is talking about....
I know this because we hired him to do work at our company about 12 months back.

Covers 99% of everything the BEx can do.

LEARN SAP BEX Analyzer -rating

SAP Security Courses

1. SAP Security Training for Beginners to Advance Users

SAP Security training for beginners to Advance users

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"Awesome - I have found this course extremely useful coming from someone with 20 years experience of SAP experience "

This course has provided me with the skills I need to be able to do my own Security because it teaches all the basic fundamental principals and practices required. As the instructor states you will need to practice the methods he teaches in this course but that is something you would have to do with any kind of training. I would recommend it to anyone with no Security experience (like myself) or to Basis consultants new to SAP or even SAP Project team members or managers who would like to gain an insight into how SAP Security works. Calvin Aguilar

"This program is good enough for me! "

The materials, tips, and tricks in this course are excellent. I wanted to attend SAP Security courses before, but it doesn’t work with my schedule so I bought this instead. It’s a great course although I’m not sure how it compares to a formal SAP training course, as I’ve never attended one before. My observation is that this material uses a unique approach to teaching SAP Security because I’ve researched about SAP courses online before, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this. This course makes me think that this course will work great for the total beginners as well Audrey Harris SAP Security training for beginners to Advance users 1

2. SAP Security Training For ALL

SAP security training

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"Very Impressed"

liked it a lot. this courses cost more than 3000 $. i like this option better. John Peter SAP Security Training for ALL -reviews

3. SAP GRC Training

SAP GRC training

Click Here for More Information

"Most complete course on SAP GRC..."

This is the most commanding and complete course i have seen in SAP. thanks to the author. he has covered a lot of topics and subjects. would take any course from this author.... John Peter

"This is one detailed course"

I was a newbie to SAP GRC and it was very easy for me to follow.

The training was in quite detail. i am planning to take all their courses. i would definitely recommend this course to my friends. Diana SAP GRC Training - reviews

4. SAP Audit Compliance


Click Here for More Information

"This is the one..."

I was looking for a course to understand SAP sox compliance, GRC, risk and overall SAP security architecture. got this complete package.

Would surely take additional courses from this author. Anonymous SAP AUDIT COMPLIANCE reviews



Click Here for More Information

"Truly impressed....... This is the # 1"

I think this is a must have. Anyone thinking of advancing in career must go for this. He covers length and breadth of 3 different modules. At this price, this is definitely a big time bargain.. I was impressed with the content and the subject understanding. it was easy for me to follow.

SAP Architect reviews


1. SAP FICO GL (General Ledger)

SAP FICO GL training

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"SAP is the skill in demand..."

very organized and helped me understand difficult things. Finance can be very challenging until someone explains you the concepts practically. I would recommend this course to my friends.

SAP FICO GL reviews

2. SAP FICO AR (Accounts Receivables)

SAP FICO AR - accounts receivable- training

Click Here for More Information


I knew GL and AP so it was good for me to understand the AR side. Thanks to teachers like this that premium education is no longer expensive. I will take some more courses from this group.


3. SAP FICO AP (Accounts Payable)

SAP FICO AP - Accounts Payable Training
Click Here for More Information

"This is the one..."

I liked it as it cleared a lot of concepts for me.

SAP FICO AP - Reviews

4. SAP FICO for Dummies Crash Course

SAP FICO for dummies crash course

Click Here for More Information


Your super-friendly SAP instructor Jay Dhruv takes you through all 70 HD videos: Some of the important concepts are as follows.

  • Foreign currency posting
  • Intricacies of GL, AP, AR, Accounting
  • Introduction to SAP
  • How to use SAP GUI
  • How to print in SAP
  • Post, park, held documents
  • Invoicing
  • Customer transactions
  • Vendor transactions
  • Processes in consolidation
  • Intercompany processing
  • The list feels endless, the value infinitely

5. Introduction to SAP Financial Accounting

(50 % SPECIAL DISCOUNT for SAP University Readers) Regular Price = $77 ==> now only $38

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"Excellent intro "

Excellent introduction to SAP Financial accounting. Another good one from Peter Moxon. Any plans to do intro on other modules like SD, MM etc?

"All about course"

This course is easily understandable



1. SAP BASIS and NETWEAVER complete Training

SAP BASIS and NETWEAVER complete Training

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"Awesome value..."

SAP Basis is one of the most rewarding and satisfactory career among all SAP modules. In this course you will learn topics like:

  • Basics of SAP architecture
  • Excel in SAP Basis infrastructure
  • what is SAP Basis
  • Server sizing
  • Client administration
  • Transport management
  • Spool administration
  • Change management
  • Monitoring
  • Number range configuration
  • Maintain SAP jobs
  • Batch session management
  • Database monitoring
  • Server profile management
  • and lots more

SAP BASIS and NETWEAVER complete Training reviews

2. SAP Basis and Netweaver Training-A Comprehensive SAP Course

SAP BASIS and Netweaver training - a comprehensive SAP Course

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"Awesome value..."

This SAP training explains the absolute basics of working as a SAP Basis and Netweaver Administration Consultant thereby
teaching the various capabilities using advanced teaching skills in instructing SAP Basis through advanced SAP concepts namely:

  • SAP BASIS Introduction
  • Basics of SAP architecture
  • SAP sizing and Product Availability Matrix in SAP
  • SAP Products Overview
  • Client Concept in SAP
  • SAP Technical Architecture
  • SAP System Landscape
  • SAP ICM Intenet Communication Manager
  • Web Dispatcher in SAP
  • Load Balancing using SAP Web Dispatcher
  • Dailog Work Process in SAP
  • SAP Logon Groups
  • Profiles in SAP
  • License Management in SAP ABAP and SAP AS Java
  • SAP Security
  • SAP Background Jobs
  • SAP Data Archiving
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Printing and Spooling in SAP
  • SAP Software Logistics Overview
  • Workload Analysis Monitors in SAP
  • SAP Memory Management
  • SAP Table Buffering
  • Oracle Database Overview in SAP
  • Database Backup for a SAP System
  • Backups and Restore in SAP
  • How to perform SAP Kernal Upgrade
  • How to setup Remote Connection to SAP
  • SAP Netweaver Administration Administration NWA
  • BR Tools in SAP
  • Application of SAP Support Packs

By the completion of this online SAP training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with SAP Basis and SAP consultant in a Big Firm.

  • These trainings are Simple and Easy to follow the flow
  • Learn by watching the practical demos
  • Taught by an instructor having more than 20 years of SAP experience with many implementations in many top notch companies,including numerous System Refreshes,
    OS/DB migrations and SAP Upgrades, and, is well equipped to address any technical query in the SAP Basis Domain.
  • The instructor has SAP Professional Certification level expertise in SAP Basis.
  • Practical tricks, tips and best practices are explained wherever feasible.

SAP BASIS and Netweaver training - a comprehensive SAP Course - reviews

3. SAP Upgrade -A Complete Course

SAP Upgrade  - A Complete course

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"Most Useful in SAP Basis"

This was the most useful skill I learned in SAP Basis. A must for any basis consultant.

"Complete Worth "

This course was definitely an advanced training that was really clear and provided me with a great understanding of SAP.

SAP Upgrade  - A Complete course -reviews




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"Very Explanative"

I had tried to use Hana with SAP's books but did not understand the processes. But this training allowed me to understand every perspective of sap hana. Hats off to the instructor.

"Very Well Explained"

This training explains SAP HANA, a very hard topic, easily. Thanks to the instructor, I now completely understand SAP HANA. Kudos to the instructor

"Complete Worth "

This SAP HANA online training course not only gives an an overview but provides you with a thorough in-depth knowledge about how the SAP HANA works.
The SAP HANA online training is delivered in such a fashion that it allows a beginner to succeed at operating and implementing SAP HANA.
These are the main topics we cover:

  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • SAP HANA Modeling
  • SAP HANA Security
  • SAP HANA Data Replication
  • SAP HANA Data Provisioning
  • Different types of Connectivities in SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Administration
  • HA and DR in SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA development objects
  • SAP HANA Reporting

These topics are discussed in-depth and the training should anyone with more than enough knowledge to work in any big firm who is implementing SAP.
Your instructor is Certified in SAP HANA and is available to host Webinars and conference calls to answer any problems you have in SAP HANA.