SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring: PRODUCT_MAT error analysis - 3

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Error message: Value XX is not permitted for attribute Account Ass. Group

During replication of a product, a customizing entry concerning ‘account assignment group’ is available in R/3 but has not been downloaded yet into the CRM system.

Via Bdoc Monitoring (transaction code SMW01) you see the following:

Relevant Product: 250.AVOIR COM

Look up the product in SAP CRM via transaction code COMMPR01.

As you can see, the field Account Assignment Group for this product is empty.
The reason is that the possible input value (3A) the system is trying to write down in this field does not exist in SAP CRM.

Now check the same product in the R/3 system via transaction code MM03.

For Sales organization 3000 (distr. Channel 01) the value 3A (Sales Re-billing) has been maintained in the field “Account Assignment Group”.

This means that in R/3 customizing this value has been maintained. However, the replication of this customizing settings has not been done into the CRM system. Therefore, the Product can not be correctly downloaded into SAP CRM.

You can check the customizing path in SAP CRM via:

SAP IMG → customer Relationship management → Master Data → Products → Special Settings for Sales operations → Define account assignment groups

Customizing path in R/3:
IMG → Sales and distribution → Basic Functions → Account assignment/costing → Revenue Account Determination → Check Master Data Relevant For account Determination

Choose ‘Materials: Account Assignment groups’.

Now that we have found back the customizing path, we need to search which customizing table is relevant.

Press F1 on the field ‘account assignment group’.

The Table View is V_TVKM.
The actual R/3 table containing the values is TVKM.

Now that we know the R/3 table, we will try to look up the relevant Adapter Object that needs to be downloaded using an initial download.

In the CRM system, go to table ‘SMOFTABLES’ and in the field R3TABBNAME fill out the table TVKM.

Press Execute.

The relevant Download object is DNL_CUST_ACGRPP.

Start the initial download of this object in SAP CRM using transaction code R3AS.

Press the button .

Via transaction code R3AM1 you can monitor this download.

When the status is ‘green’ the initial download is finished correctly.

When verifying the Customizing entries in SAP CRM, you will see that this entry 3A is now also available.

Now that the customizing entries are realigned, we can try to reprocess the Bdoc that went in error via SMW01.

Select the relevant BDOCS that have this error, and press the “Reprocess button” .
After reprocessing, the status of the BDOC changes to green. (Processed successfully).

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