SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring - Basics -part 1

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In this post some basic Bdoc monitoring knowledge will be explained.

Start SMW01 with following settings. In the Block "Bdoc State" I chose "Errors" as this is what I want to monitor.

Press Execute.
You can see now if there are any BDOCS which contain mistakes.

The different relevant BDOC types that were relevant for monitoring at a particular customer were the following:

- BUPA_MAIN: contains the master data of a business partner (and is triggered on creation and change of a business partner)
- BUPA_REL: used when you create a relationship between two business partners
- PRODUCT_MAT: is used for data exchange of products/materials
- CRM_EQ_DMBDOC: used for data exchange of Equipments
- BUS_TRANS_MSG: for data exchange of transactional data

Once you get a list of Bdocs that went in error, you can check the error itself by selecting a line and pressing the button

Now press the ‘blue button’ errors.

You will see the actual error messages.

In this case we do know the Business partner number in the CRM system: 4025585

Via the transaction BP we can lookup this ‘contact person’.

With the button you can directly open a certain business partner.

In this case you will notice that the business partner has several mandatory fields that are not or at least not correct maintained in CRM.

In this particular SAP CRM system, the mandatory fields in CRM are:
- Country
- Correspondence language

After filling out these fields, at least the errors in SAP CRM for this contact person are solved.
Now, the BDOC will be triggered to create or update this contact person in R/3 too.

However, the Bdoc will go in error again due to the fact that we did not fill out a first and last name, which are on their turn mandatory in the R/3 system.

The number ranges for contact persons are different in the CRM system and the R/3 system.
For Customers the Business Partner number is the same in both CRM and R/3.

Lookup business partners (Customer/contact person/employee) in CRM: use BP
Lookup a customer in R/3: XD03
Lookup a contact person: VAP3

In order to know who created for example a business partner in SAP CRM, you can look up this information in table BUT000 via transaction code SE16.

Fill out the relevant Business partner number, and press execute.

Select the line and press on the binoculars.

Scroll down and look at the field ‘Created By’.

This contains the username of the person who created this business partner.
e.g. UK0290

Via transaction code SU01 or SU01D you can see who the user is. Normally-depending on your role within the organisation I presume at best you will have access to SU01D (display user master record) in a SAP Production system.

You can now contact this user about the problem.

After the correction is made by the user, you should verify the Bdocs again.
It might be necessary to reprocess the BDOC.

Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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