Relevant Tables for Credit Card information in SAP CRM

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In this post I will show you the relevant tables that are being used by SAP to store credit card Information.

Actually, as far as I know there are only 4 tables that are relevant - at least in SAP CRM -probably they are the same in SAP ECC!

In CRM 7.0 you maintain a credit card for a business partner (e.g. individual account) in the assignment block 'Payment Cards"

SAP CRM Payment Cards

After pushing the New button, you can next choose the relevant creditcard type and enter the creditcard number.

maintain credit card details in SAP CRM

When you are masking your creditcards, the creditcard number will automatically get masked after a system roundtrip (e.g. afte pushing enter-button or saving the customer.


  •  BUT0CC

This table contains the link between the Business Partner and the Credit card  (based on the credit card GUID)

Table BUT0CC


This table contains credit card information such as the Credit card type ; Validity dates, card holder name,..


As you can see I erased the entries in the field "Mask_Number". This is because the full credit card numbers were stored in this table, as no security settings to mask the credit cards were made in Customizing! I will write more about Credit card Security in another post :-)


This table also contains information related to masking/encryption.




This table contains more information on encryption details for the creditcards. At least a cryptic number will be filled out if you are using Encryption. (Not to be mistaken with credit card Masking ! ).


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