How To Read The Document Flow in SAP CRM: use case illustration

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Hi, today I was explaining a bit more about SAP CRM processes to a couple of ABAP developers making their first steps in the SAP CRM development scene.

One of them was trying to find out how the document flow could be retrieved based on a follow-up document.

I overheard some other CRM consultant starting to speak about tables...and thought there should be a better and more efficient way then reading out table relationships.

I thereforeĀ  consulted my best friends Google.com as well as SDN/SCN and quickly was able to find not only the relevant tables but also a function module that might do the job.


Below you will find a document I just created illustrating a complete use case where I create an opportunity as follow-up document for a lead.

I will then use table relationships to find back the relevant preceding document based on the guid of the opportunity. Additionally I show the usage of the function module I found.

How to read the document flow within SAP CRM




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