Configurable Products in SAP CRM

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This article will give you an insight in how to activate configuration for configurable products.


  • Products for which different options are available. For example, a PC can have different types of monitors or keyboards, or different memory sizes.
  • When configurable products are used in applications, the Web catalog for example, a customer can see which options are available and simulate configurations before making a selection. The price of the product is recalculated depending on the options selected.


  • In this activity, you can specify which product types should be configurable in the product master. If a product type is designated as configurable, configurable products can be created for this product type in product maintenance.
  • While creating product master, we have to choose a product type i.e. Material or Service or Warranty or FS or IP or Financing.
  • First we have to choose a base Category to create a Product. There is an Indicator beside Category which says “Configurable”.
  • This indicator “Determines whether the Product is Configurable or not” i.e. If this indicator is set than the product can be configured when an order is created.
  • Logically, and also in the Standard system this Indicator is only available for product type MATERIAL. Because normally we do not configure Services or Warranties etc but if the any certain business scenario demands such requirement than Configurable Indicator can be made available for other product types as well.
  • In the above image, we are trying to create the Product Master for Product Type Material and therefore it shows the Indicator “Configurable”.
  • But if we try creating a Product with Product Type as SERVICE or any other Product type than this Indicator is not available, as shown in the Image below.
  • As seen in the above image, there is no “Configurable” indicator for Product Type Service.
  • This Indicator is dependent on the Product Type.


  • To configure this Indicator for a Product Type follow this menu path.
    • SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Master Data -> Products -> Settings for Configurable Products

  • Select “Allow Configurable Products for a Product Type.
  • If we see in the above image, Allow Configurable Products Indicator is set only for Product Type 01 i.e. MATERIAL. This is the reason we see Configurable Indicator only when we create Product Type MATERIAL.
  • As seen previously, Configurable Option is not available for Product Type SERVICES
  • Let’s test it by switching this Indicator on for PRODUCT TYPE 02 i.e SERVICE and let’s see its impact on the Product Master.

    • As seen in the image above, now the Configurable indicator is also available for Product Type SERVICE due to the settings made in customizing.NOTE: -
      1. Sales orders containing configurable products, created in CRM cannot be uploaded to an ERP system. For this reason, it is recommended that you create configurable products in SAP ERP if the sales documents are also distributed to SAP ERP.
      2. Bear in mind that once you have defined a product as configurable, this cannot be reversed. In the same way, a non-configurable product cannot subsequently be made configurable.
    • You can download configurable materials from SAP ECC to SAP CRM. The configurable materials have to be downloaded first, before the configuration models are downloaded.
    • You download the configuration models using the load object SCE. You should not make any filter settings for this object, since they do not apply to the delta load. A request load can be performed if it is necessary to repeat an initial load.

  • As soon as you select the configurable Indicator for a Product in the Product master, two tab pages (Configuration & Product Variants) are automatically added to the Product which is specific for Configurable material.

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