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How to extend vendor or customer master data with SAP enhancement spots

Master data in accounts receivable and accounts payable modules are basic data for processing business transactions with customers and vendors. These data include information about business partners that are categorized into three organizational levels: general data, company data and purchasing data.

Even though standard master data records contain most important and recurrent information required for conducting business transactions, they are in some special business processes insufficient to model all partners’ information. In order to fulfill these special requirements, it is necessary to enhance standard master data with additional fields.

For this purpose, SAP provides dedicated enhancement spots that enable enhancing customer or vendor master data, without making any modification in SAP standard.

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Analysis of relevant Customizing Tables related to Business Role Customizing

I once took the time to investigate what customizing tables were used behind business role configuration and more specifically the navigation bar profile related tables.

Based on this research I have been able to create some useful queries related to SAP CRM Authorization administration. I elaborated these queries in my previous blog posts related to the usage of UIU_COMP.

But now, in order to actually "visually" SEE how this works, I think you might benefit from the file I actually created for this whole purpose.

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