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How can you easily find out if for a certain component and/or view any configuration was done?

This is going to be the shortest post I made so far, but nonetheless a useful one :-)

As you know we can change configuration for a component/view based on e.g. the configuration key you defined in customizing.

I already elaborated another post about this particular topic previously!

Now as I am not the only person working (doing customizing/development) in my customer's SAP CRM System, I am not always informed about particular changes that people are making for a view. Continue reading »

SAP CRM Authorizations: creating your PFCG Authorization role based on the configured SAP CRM Business Role

In this article I will try to shed some light onto some tools /reports SAP provides us to facilitate the authorization role creation & assignment  process  in SAP CRM.

I will also give a critical (and personal) view on this process and appreciate your feedback if you have likewise or other experiences, opinions about this topic.


I hope you already understand that the latest releases of SAP CRM are based on the CRM Business Role concept. If you do not, than make sure you read previous posts I made about this subject, as it is “mandatory knowledge”! Continue reading »

Configurable Products in SAP CRM

This article will give you an insight in how to activate configuration for configurable products.


  • Products for which different options are available. For example, a PC can have different types of monitors or keyboards, or different memory sizes.
  • When configurable products are used in applications, the Web catalog for example, a customer can see which options are available and simulate configurations before making a selection. The price of the product is recalculated depending on the options selected. Continue reading »