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Finding Tables and Fields within SAP CRM

Finding tables can be very frustrating and time consuming, especially within SAP CRM where all programming is object oriented. Finding tables has become more important when off-shoring was introduced. Functional specifications have to be at a very high quality level. During my working time I have collected some tips & tricks how to speed up this process.

Basically there is a very simple step method which can be used in any case. Dependent on your experience you will probably skip some steps because you know this is not working. Following step list can be used for finding tables and fields: Continue reading »

SAP CRM Marketing Attributes explained

In this article I will try to explain a bit more about SAP CRM Marketing attributes and how this data is setup, as well as which tables are technically used behind the scene to store this type of data.

First you should understand the concept of marketing segmentation, attribute sets and attributes. If you are unfamiliar with these terms I advise you to read the SAP HELP on this matter using the following link:


Although the information in SAP HELP is more extensive I’ll give you a quick definition and example of these terms. Continue reading »

Creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP without the obsolete transaction LPCONFIG


This article demonstrates the entire process of creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP.

There are few changes made by SAP in the screens of transactions like SOAMANAGER, that we see in the process of configuring the WebService definition and the transaction LPCONFIG, which is used to create the logical port in the process of consuming the WebService is obsolete. Continue reading »