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SAPSPrint Install


This document details how to install SAPSPrint on select Print Servers to allow for printing from various SAP applications.

Background SAP applications have specific requirements to map internally created queues to Windows print queues, and the SAPSPrint service allows this functionality.

Installation Steps

Perform the following on windows print servers.

Launch xSPrint_8-10008892.exe

Note: How to download installation file

SAP Software Download Center >>Support Packages and Patches  >> Search for Support Packages and Patches : Search for SAPSPRINT


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Logging into SAP CRM without entering client and Language


Normally a user opens CRM WebUI session and gets the following screen.

Nomral WEBUI Logon Screen












If the Client and Language in which user has to log-in, is going to be the same every time, than it is possible to Bypass the Standard Logon Screen where a user will only have to enter his User Name and password. Technically,Client and Language will be taken from WebUI Logon parameter.  This is how it would look like after setting these parameters. Continue reading »

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