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How to start SAP CRM WEBUI like an application

The SAP CRM WEBUI in the Internet Explorer browser is not as stable as it should be. End users can use the history buttons of the browser and they can change settings. To avoid this user behavior, you can let them work full screen by using the key shortcut ‘F11’. The problem is they can still disable this functionality by pressing the key again.

What you’ll see next is how to start the SAP CRM WEBUI directly as if it was an application. Continue reading »

Switching off customer enhancements in SAP CRM for symptom analysis

Hi, as much as we prefer to implement clean standard SAP processes at our customers, it's inevitable that sooner or later the customer wants to have the system adapted to his own needs and way of working. As such the implementation team will often need to enhance the customer's SAP CRM system.

Now, during the implementation phase, you"ll probably also encounter a lot of bugs, BSP errors, short dumps when testing the application during Unit Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Now -that's quite normal - but what you"ll be intrested in is to find out if such a problem occurs because of your customer changes or that it might be a problem situated in the SAP Standard solution. In the latter case you"ll probably should look for relevant OSS notes, or even open a customer message at SAP itself using service.sap.com using the famous S-user Account :-)  Continue reading »