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How to improve search in transactions PA30 and PA20 or PPOSE/PPOME by removing hit list in Object Manager


When transactions such as PA30 and PA20 or PPOSE/PPOME are run for a long hit list of employees, it will cause significant delays. Search history should be reset or delete and thus quicken the loading of the transaction.

To hide the selected hit list and avoid the problem you could follow the steps below:

1. Open PA30/PA20


  1. Then go to Search Term in Object manager of the screen


If there are any entries they have to be deleted. Continue reading »

Advanced search option in PA20/PA30 or PA40 transactions


As an HR administrator you should be able to search quickly in PA20/PA30 for example for employee name, if you only have the System Username, passport number or time administrator, you can use advanced search functionality.


Do to this follow above steps:

  1. Execute PA20/PA30 or PA40 transaction
  2. Type: =u..us0011 (equal sign, full stop, full stop and followed by the System User ID) in the Personnel no. field








  1. System User:

a) If there is such a System User, this will be retrieved (number of entries; personnel number and Start and End Date of existence in the system): Continue reading »

How to open system for sap and maintain OSS ID in secure area.

Hi Guys,

Today am going to discuss "How to open a system for SAP and maintain OSS ID in secure area". I will try to explain this using various screenshot, so that you can visulize same without any doubt.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt or advise.

First of all we need to login to SAP Market place using your S-User ID.


Now we will go into Help and support and under that, click on Connect to SAP. Continue reading »

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