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How to get the position assigned to the user in the organization model?

When a user performs his daily tasks in the SAP CRM system, we may want to control what he may see, do, execute in the system based on ofcourse his PFCG authorization role(s) , but another factor might also be his assignment in the organizational model. Therefore on a regular basis I can assume that we would like to build in certain checks and based on the outcome of this check, for example show another screen configuration, disable editing of a certain field, or just hide some assignment blocks on an overview page...just making up some examples ... Continue reading »

How to determine the Business Role of a User that logs on in the SAP CRM WEBUI?

Recently I have been catching up a bit with my CRM knowledge (functional and technical) :-) by doing a google search on SAP CRM blogs, reading SDN topics/posts, diving into interesting questions @ Sapfans.com and using many other useful resources.
One of the questions I found back was the following:
How can I check via debugging what business role a certain user is using to logon to the SAP CRM WEBUI? Continue reading »