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Logon is not possible because you have not been assigned to a business role; please contact your system administrator

Hi :-)  I am sorry, but I thought this title would be funny to use. Whenever I start working/participating in a new SAP CRM project implementation, a lot of people just starting to work with SAP CRM usually ask me -Hey Davy - I got a User account and I managed to logon via the SAPGUI...but when I try out the URL (the link to the CRM WEBUI) that was given to me by the project implementation team, I get this message? What's the problem and can you solve this for me?  Continue reading »

Table Creation: Minor mistake but Major Problem - Part 1


    Ever faced a problem where you felt you have done everything right but after executing there was no O/P or a wrong O/P . You break your head checking out each and every step where you have gone wrong but end up finding nothing.In this blog I will discuss  about such a problem I went through in the initial days of my career when creating a table...

First, I will start with the creation of a table in SAP. I think most of you are already aware of this. Guys, who are new to SAP ABAP. This is for you.... Continue reading »

Peeping into the SAP R/3 System

In this post I will be taking you into a sap R/3 system, explain you the process happening inside a SAP system. What happens between the process of pressing F8 (execute) and the displaying of result in o/p screen? Ever wondered of the operations happening inside…. Continue reading »

Deleting a Product from Product Master in SAP CRM

Ever wondered as to how you delete a product from CRM when there is no delete button to delete a product? However, you can still delete a product in CRM.

Sometimes you may require deleting products from the Product Master.

One of the cases where you may require is when you are trying to modify you Set Type but it says “The Product for this Set Type exists and Set Type cannot be deleted”. Which means that product (S) is created in the system with the data for this Set Type already maintained. Continue reading »