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6 Tips to more efficiently look for THE relevant OSS note for your issue

Probably anyone who will read this post (at least those people working as an SAP consultant) will already use SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com) to search for a SAP OSS note whenever you are looking for a solution for a bug, short dump, BSP error, process related problem and so on. Now, that’s fine. As I participate in SAP Project implementations, but also work a lot as an SAP Support Consultant I regularly have to search for a SAP OSS note. This post is about techniques I use to actually FIND the relevant OSS note, and this in a time-efficient manner. Now, don’t underestimate the effect of being able to find the right OSS note. Continue reading »

How to delete “Personalization settings” made by an End-User in the SAP CRM WEBUI?

Before I explain the details, let me first give you just a short use-case WHY you would want to do this?

Before a project Go-Live, the functional SAP CRM consultants have adapted screens to the requirements of the end-users, meaning based on the business input, you have made certain screen configurations , and made certain assignment blocks visible or not, you have defined whether they should be shown collapsed or opened direct on loading of the business object. Continue reading »

How to find which personalization settings someone made using the “personalization” link in the system links

Let me first start with the following question: Why in God’s name would someone be interested in this kind of information in the first place? Well –let me tell you that whenever you encounter a certain “bug” in your system (especially the type where you have an issue for a specific user –that is using the same SAP CRM business role –has the same authorizations, and you are trying to figure out what is going on – you are struggling to find a solution – you are looking for the needle in the haystack) than at this point the information below “might” be very relevant for you. Continue reading »