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2 Tips to avoid most common bugs related to "FOR ALL ENTRIES"

This blog is mainly intended for junior developers and consultants, who would like to discover the use of statement "For all entries" in addition to the "SELECT" command.

This statement is often used since it is a simple and practical way to fetch table records based on keys of an internal table retrieved previously.
However, you should be aware of its drawbacks to avoid 2 common bugs related to it.
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How to identify the relevant UI_COMP data based on second level Navigation links

To continue with my series of extreme useful queries in the context of SAP CRM Authorization Administration, allowing you to quickly identify the relevant UIU_COMP authorization values needed in order to grant or withdraw access to particular navigation links with the SAP CRM WEBUI, I created a short tutorial for you. Continue reading »

SAP CRM Authorizations: ACE (Access Control Engine) explained online!


I know quite some people were intrested to learn more about ACE which stands for Access Control Engine and which you can see as an additional security layer on top of you normal SAP CRM Authorizations setup (the latter part is based on your authorization objects).

As there are quite some good other blogposts out there about this topic, I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Continue reading »