Middleware Monitoring in SAP CRM: CRM_EQ_DMBDOC error analysis -1

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Hi, in this post I am going to show you how you can solve a specific error for Bdoc Type CRM_EQ_DMBDOC when you are downloading equipments into your SAP CRM system.


Relevant Transaction codes and tables for your analysis


Display equipment: transaction code IE03
Search Equipment by Material/serial Number: transaction code  IQ03
Tables: EQUI


    • COM_TA_R3_ID:  link between material/equipment and serial number
    • IBIB: Equipment also exists as individual object; you can look this up via IB53.

Installed Base in SAP CRM

SAP CRM Installed Base

The link between the Installed base and the component can be found in table IBIN.


By pressing the button Component Details you can see:
- the link with the Material (in this case RZP100DV)
- the Technical asset N°
- Master Batch


By pressing the button relationships, you can see if there is a relationship with a warranty.
(Useful in the context of Warranty complaint processing)

Problems encountered during the initial download of Equipments

Queue Name: R3AI_EQUIPMENT (initial download of Equipments)

Example Error Messages:

  • Error when assigning equi-main-segment 000000000012042890 to business partner 0000103676
  • Business partner with GUID 4603C165F6240E28E1000000C0A8CCBD does not exist
  • Error when assigning R/3 business partner to CRM business partner
  • Error calling the upload BAdI. Method: perform_load
  • Validation error occurred: Module CRM_DEQUI_VAL, BDoc type CRM_EQ_DMBDOC.

Cause: during the initial download of all customers, not all customers were downloaded correctly due to master data errors (e.g. incorrect email address or missing mandatory fields) Since Equipments are linked to customers the CRM system tries to create the equipment with a link to a non-existing customer.

Solution steps:

  1. Check via transaction BP if the customer exists. If not, download the R/3 customer via Transaction CRMM_BUPA_MAP

    Customer does not exist yet.

    SAP CRM transaction code CRMM_BUPA_MAPFill out the Customer Number and press the button “Gather information about customer”.
    A pop-up message will appear.

    Press ok.

  2. Check if the download of the R/3 customer was successful. Use transaction SMW01 and select Send Date/time → 5 minutesMiddleware monitoring - transaction code SMW01

A Bdoc of the type BUPA_MAIN will be generated. If the status is green, the BDOC was successfully sent. In this case below, you will see that we do have an error for the downloaded business partner. Apparently the email address does not have the right format

This error needs to be corrected first in the R/3 system. Next you can try to reprocess this particular Bdoc.

  1. After correcting the Customer in R/3 (and if necessary do the replication again via CRMM_BUPA_MAP) you can reprocess the erroneous Bdoc for the initial download of the equipments.

Send Date: 20.04.2007
Send time: 17:23:54

Error messages:

- Error when assigning equipment segment 000000000010007807 to partner 0000000162 and part. view WE
- Error when Reading set types for category! Obj. family: 0401; Cat.: 0401
- No set types are assigned to category 462760095A602B03E1000000C0A8CC96
- Error when creating products from equipment BDoc
- Error calling the upload BAdI. Method: perform_load
- Validation error occurred: Module CRM_DEQUI_VAL, BDoc type CRM_EQ_DMBDOC.

Problems encountered during delta download

Queue Name: R3AR_EQUIP_NEW_SYNCH (synchronization-delta download)

Example Error Messages:

A description has already been copied in language FR for product 17890591
A description has already been copied in language FR for product 17890593
Error when creating individual objects
Error when creating products from equipment Bdoc
Validation error occurred: Module CRM_DEQUI_VAL, BDoc type CRM_EQ_DMBDOC.

Reprocessing Erroneous Bdocs in background using SMW20

Suppose for some reason you have a lot of erroneous Bdocs in an error-state.
This might for example be due to:

- your RFC connection from CRM to R/3 is not working
- you have missing master data (business partners) which is obligatory for your download object which (equipments) you need to download first
- missing customizing entries
- etc

In such a case you might decide not to reprocess all your bdocs in foreground using SMW01 transaction because of performance reasons.

Example on CRQ:

We have 1783 erroneous Bdoc entries for the Bdoc Type CRM_EQ_DMBDOC.

By selecting such an entry and pressing the details button , you will see more details:

You can use these details to make filter settings in SMW20:

Process Aborted BDoc Messages - SMW20

To process your selection in background, select ‘Program → Execute in background’.

Select your printer:

Select ‘Immediate’, press the check button and next press “Save”.

Via SM37 you can look up the Background Job that is running:



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