SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -4

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Error message: Sales office O XXXX sales group O XXXXX not maintained for sales area O XXX

During replication of a Business partner (customer/contact person) from R/3 towards CRM something went wrong. The cause lies within incorrect master data (sales area related) maintained for an R/3 customer OR Incomplete mapping of the R/3 sales structure and the organizational model in CRM.

Via Bdoc Monitoring (transaction code SMW01) you see the following:

In the long-text you see the complete details:

What does this message mean?

In the CRM system you maintain your organizational model via transaction code PPOMA_CRM.

Organizational units are marked as sales organization, sales office and/or Sales group.
The mapping with the corresponding R/3 Organizational unit is done in the tab page ‘Function’ on the details screen for an organizational unit.

Check 1 in CRM:

As you can see for Sales organization 9001 (Org unit O 50000006) for sales Office 9000
(O 50000040) no sales group is assigned at first glance. (This is not a sufficient check, but will be clear later on).

Check 2 in R/3:
In customizing you can check the Sales Areas that are maintained.

SPRO → Enterprise Structure → Assignment → Sales and Distribution →

- Set up Sales Area
- Assign sales office to sales area
- Assign sales group to sales office

You can see that for Sales Office 9000 (UK Sales HQ) the Sales group 910 (London Region) is assigned. In CRM this is not immediately visible as such. Therefore lookup the relevant sales group 910, and display its details. On the tab page ‘Sales group’ you can see that this sales group is maintained for more than one sales office. (BUT not for sales office 9000).

Check 3 in R/3:

This however does not correspond with the Sales office and the Sales Group mentioned in the Bdoc error message.
BUT, if you look at the changes for this customer, via the menu:

You see that changes were made for Sales Office and Sales Group:

Check 4 in the CRM system:

Verify the Sales Area settings (by choosing your business partner via Transaction BP).
Select the ROLE ‘Sold-to-party’ and choose the relevant sales area.

Either the master data in R/3 for this customer should be verified and adjusted, OR the organizational model should be extended, by maintaining the correct combinations of:
Sales org/Sales Office/Sales Group.

After correction, you can reprocess the Bdoc (when this fails download the customer again via CRMM_BUPA_MAP and delete the previous Bdoc).

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