SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -3

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Hi, this is another article about a specific type of error you may encounter when downloading your customers from a SAP ECC system into your SAP CRM system, related to Bank Master Data.

Error message: Bank XXXXXXXXX for country XX does not exist

During replication of a Business partner (customer/contact person) from R/3 towards CRM something went wrong. The relevant bank master data available in both systems (CRM & R/3) is not synchronized for Table BNKA.



Bank Account Details in SAP

In the R/3 system, a new customer is created for the country France with a new Bank Key.

This data is stored in table BNKA. This master data should also be available in the CRM system, if you are downloading this particular customer, otherwise you will get the error message: Bank XXXXXXXXX for country XX does not exist.

The Middleware object for Bank Master Data is “DNL_CUST_BNKA” which is a Customizing Object (See transaction R3AC3).

To download (synchronize) the bank master data you can do the following:

Middleware  R3AC1 R3AS R3AM1 R3AR2 R3AC1

Option 1: (better to use option 2)

Do an initial load of the object DNL_CUST_BNKA.
→ You can check the filter settings for this object via R3AC3:

DNL_CUST_BNKA bank master data in SAP

Select the object and press the magnifying glass.

filter settings in SAP for table BNKA

Select the Filter button for table BNKA and next select the Source Site Name “OLTP”.
If filter settings are maintained, you will see for which field (for table BNKA) a filter is made.

In this case no filter settings were made.

If you do an initial download for this object via the transaction “R3AS” the complete table entries from BNKA in R/3 will be downloaded again, meaning that the CRM table is first deleted and next updated will all entries from R/3.

Depending on the table size this might take some time, and for performance reasons this might not be advisable.

Option 2:

Use Transaction code R3AR2 (define request) to define a new ‘synchronizing’ request.

R3AR2 define request

In the Request detail you can make your own filter setting based on fields available in the R/3 table.


Since I only had problems for French customers with bank country Key ‘FR’ I made the following filter setting:

Next, you can start the synchronizing request for this Request “BANKDETAILS” using transaction code “R3AR4” (start request).


You can monitor the request using transaction “R3AR3” (Monitor Request).

When this request has a green status (finished) you can reprocess the Bdocs for which you had the error message: Bank XXXXXXXXX for country XX does not exist.

Davy Pelssers

The SAP University Team

Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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2 thoughts on “SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -3

Comment author said

By Luis on 9 September 2015 at 11:47

Thanks Davy for the explanation, but do I have to do this everytime a new customer with a new bank detail is created?
In my cliente this is happeing every time. Is there a way to avoid the BDOC error?

Thanks in advance.


Comment author said

By Davy Pelssers on 10 October 2015 at 15:01

You must schedule a job for the daily download of that particular middleware object,so it means that when someone creates a new bank in SAP ECC, the next day it will also be available in CRM due to the planned job you schedule best overnight!



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