Middleware Monitoring in SAP CRM: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -2

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Error message: Address XXX invalid

During replication of a Business partner (customer/contact person) from R/3 towards CRM the validation check for the email address did not result in a correct entry, meaning that the email address entered in R/3 has the incorrect format.

In the standard setup of the R/3 in the customer master data you can enter an email-address in any format. However, in the CRM system, where the email-address of a customer or contact person is often used during business processes (Interaction Centre / Marketing and Campaign Management), the correct format of an email address is validated via the function module SX_INTERNET_ADDRESS_TO_NORMAL.
During replication of the business partner from the R/3 system, a business partner is not passed to the CRM system if the email address in R/3 has the incorrect format.

Via Bdoc Monitoring (transaction code SMW01) you see the following:

Validation Error occurred: Module CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL

Sometimes you will notice that you have the following:

BUPA_MAIN error- address invalid

In this case in R/3 two email addresses were maintained in the same line in R/3.
So although the format of the email address may be correct, the field is not correctly filled/used in R/3. (See maintaining multiple email addresses for a customer).


Contact the person responsible for customer master data in R/3.

- Who you should contact depends on the way your organization handles creation and validation of master data.
o Master data creation can be centralized @ a dedicated team
o Can be decentralized at the business per Country/Sales organization

After correction of the Master data in R/3 try to reprocess the Bdoc. If this does not work, download the customer again via Transaction CRMM_BUPA_MAP and delete the previous Bdoc with this error.

→ See my other post about Middleware Monitoring “Business partner does not exist

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