Middleware Monitoring in SAP CRM: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -1

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this is a first post in a series of middleware monitoring related activities in the context of BDoc Type BUPA_MAIN. Do take into account that some of the posts may no longer be relevant, as it really depends on the release you are currenlty working in. Nevertheless, I consider them useful for anyone who wants to learn more about BDOC monitoring in SAP CRM.

Error message: Business partner with GUID XXX does not exist

During replication of a Business partner (customer/contact person) from R/3 towards CRM something went wrong.

Via Bdoc Monitoring (transaction code SMW01) you see the following:

Middleware Monitoring via SMW01

In the first line you see the impacted business partner number: 0000120547

First you can try to reprocess it, by using the button .

This might sometimes trigger another error message to turn up. In case of other relevant error message, first resolve the error (probably located in the R/3 system – for example in the case of an invalid email-address).

If the error message still stays the same, you should try to download this business partner again from the R/3 system.


Launch the transaction CRMM_BUPA_MAP.

Monitoring business partner data exchange CRMM_BUPA_MAP

Fill out the R/3 business partner number and press enter.
Normally, if the business partner exists in the R/3 system, the GUID will automatically be filled in. Next, press the button “Gather information about customer”.

Press the “ok” button

SMW01 Display Bdoc Messages


Next verify via SMW01 (for Bdoc Type BUPA_MAIN) and select “5 minutes”.

If the Bdoc status has a green colour, the business partner was correctly downloaded.
You can delete the previous Bdoc for this business partner which had the error.

In the CRM system you can look if the business partner does exist in table BUT000.

Davy Pelssers

The SAP University Team

Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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4 thoughts on “Middleware Monitoring in SAP CRM: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -1

Comment author said

By tripti on 9 October 2012 at 03:38

damn good as quite informative


Comment author said

By Hari on 12 February 2013 at 09:35

solution is reactive in nature. In my opinion we must investigate why the error has triggered. In the first place the error should not be triggered as the creation of bp is suppose to be replicated without error.

However the solution is fine and it would be nice if you could provide the root cause analysis for the problem.



Comment author said

By umesh on 12 April 2013 at 16:22

great always, helpful blog


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