Maintain the regional structure information directly on your SAP Productive system

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Just a quick post about a problem we recently had at our customer.

We are using SAP CRM and all address related data such streets; postal codes, cities and so on are stored in the SAP Regional structure database tables.

Address information related to streets, postal codes, cities and so on can be uploaded into your SAP system using data delivered by a third party such as for example Tom Tom.

You also have transaction codes to maintain these things manually such as:

SR10      Create City

SR11      Change city

SR12      Display city

SR20      Create Street

SR21      Change Street

SR22      Display Street

SR30      Create postal code

SR31      Change postal code

SR32      Display postal code

Now, by default the regional structure is set to be transported from your development system into your User Acceptance system and Productive system, by using Customizing Requests.

Client xxx has status ‘not modifiable’

If you would try to add a new street for example on your production system, you will probably see the following message:

Now if you have an agreement with your Third Party supplier to deliver all delta changes each 3 months, you might have a problem on your production system within this particular time frame. With a problem I mean that in the meantime, a new customer might need to be created in your SAP system, for which the street does not exist yet. In such a case you might want to perform manual changes by e.g. manually add a new street using transaction code SR20.

Our first attempt (which did NOT bring the solution): Change SAP Current Settings

Certain transaction codes basically give you a shortcut to update customizing tables. What this means is that you can either update the customizing table via SPRO or using the transaction codes mentioned earlier.

Customizing path in SAP CRM:

IMG>>SAP Netweaver>>Application Server>>Basis Services>>Address Management >>Regional Structure/City File>> Postal Codes/Cities/Streets

In both cases, you obviously need a customizing request. For some transaction codes it might be useful and/or necessary to be able to change the data direct in your production system. This is why SAP lets you change this by “Change the current Settings”

You can either Google about this aspect:

Or do a search for relevant SAP OSS notes using SAP Service Market place.

Anyway, take a look at e.g. the following OSS notes:

OSS Note 77430 – Customizing: Current settings

OSS Note 356483 – Customizing: Current settings in the test system

We tried the approach of changing the current settings for SR20 & SR21 but this did not work as we still could not add a new street in our productive system.

Solution for our requirement/ problem

To enable this you can follow the instructions in the following OSS note:

812002 – Deactivating regional structure transport connection

In table TSADCORR you will need to maintain an entry to deactivate this transport connection.

Activate transport connection
ID: NOTE_812002

Deactivate the Transport connection
ID: NOTE_812002

The setting above will therefore allow us to maintain address information direct in the system without needing to use a customizing transport (implying to perform all changes on the development system).

Make sure that you read the OSS note yourself however, as the information is really dependant on the releases and support packs!

Final Remark:

As I explained we first tried changing the current settings, and only after this did NOT work, I found the OSS note 812002 which after applying we were able to change address information in our productive system. Now I am at this point not sure if the solution worked because of applying both current settings and note 8112002. I think you should first try to apply note 812002 and see if this does the trick direct…if not..Also look at the current settings. I do not want to reverse “the current settings” changes in my customer system just to check this for you guys. :-)

Good luck

Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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By Deepak on 29 July 2016 at 10:35

Just for information purpose:- In SAP CRM, this field is not present in Standard setting. In my production system I do not find it in any screen of BP transaction.


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