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I hope you like this site. If you would like to join our team of motivated SAP Consultants as a co-author or Guest blogger you are more than welcome.

Basic conditions & Rules

The rules I have set are simple. They are made to ensure we can and will provide quality content for our readers and to avoid complaints when you are either abusing other people's work and/or system.

  •  You should have English writing skills as our site is purely maintained in this language.
  •  You are motivated to write "Unique" &  "Quality" articles . This means you are NOT allowed to copy/paste articles from other blogs/forums. However, it does not hurt to get inspired to write your own version of useful articles you find on other blogs out on the World Wide Web
  • Preferably you have access to an SAP system, where you can "work out" examples and use-cases for your articles.  If you have access to a Sandbox-system or an SAP IDES system would be great. It allows you to perform customizing and development tasks without risk.
  • People that are not really posting SAP articles, but rather consulting advice in the context of e.g. Project Management or Change Management are also more than welcome. In such a case you may not need access to an SAP System
  • If you only have access to an SAP system at the customer where you work at, than make sure you have permission to work out any article (especially taking screenshots) using their system! This  is MANDATORY!

If you do not apply to these basic and simple rules, we take the liberty to delete some or all of your blogposts that do not respect these rules. Futhermore we can take away your author profile rights in such a case.


I consider three types of contributors:

  •  Guest bloggers
  •  Co-authors
  •  Forum administrator (a Forum will be setup in the very near future)

A forum administrator is a person that manages SAP forum questions posted on our forum (to be implemented yet). He/she is responsible for managing questions/answers posted in the forum (module) he is responsible for. A submodule of the forum can have more than 1 administrator.

A guest blogger is someone who wants to contribute by writing out a quality article, but who is not committed to perform this on a regular basis.

A Co-Author is a person who takes up the commitment to contribute on a regular basis, by writing at least 1 quality article each month (on average -as we all do take holidays)!

Each type of contributor will be entitled to have his OWN author profile. The big difference is that the CO-author will have the following advantages:

  • his/her profile will be added on the page "Authors"
  • he/she may have a vote in how we can grow the potential of our site, establish better functionalities to offer to our readers, benefit from all advantages that we might establish in the future
  • if this site would generate revenue allowing advertising in our blog Posts by SAP partners, then this revenue will be shared amongst our Co-authors. However, profit is not the main goal and never will be.  Profits will definitely be used to cover expenses for hosting, email marketing software used and for any outsourcing tasks SAP University uses to facilitate the conversion of MS-word articles into WordPress blog posts.

General Advantages for all contributors

  • As participant blogger/author you can use our platform at no expense. All expenses made to host/extend/enrich our Website are taken care of by DASAP Consulting - owner of this website.
  •  The combined strength of posting quality articles on one centralized platform, allows your articles (and therefore your efforts) to more easily get noticed by our readers, who are informed every week by email about new posts that were published.
  • In the long run, YOU get recognition in the SAP market, world-wide!
  • Posting/sharing quality content and at the same time demonstrating your knowledge may leverage your efforts to receive quality job offers in the SAP Market. It furthermore enables you to build up a large network within the SAP market consisting out of Consultancy companies, SAP Recruitment agencies & Head Hunters; International companies using SAP and other SAP users/consultants.
  • Using the leverage of a larger Blog Post team (Authors) this site will get faster and higher visibility on all the search engines such as Google, attracting multiple readers that enjoy reading your blog posts/articles.

Earn Money for your articles

  • You can Earn money with your articles: for each GOOD article (whether a short or a longer one) you can earn between 1 and 6 USDYou definitely will not get rich by contributing articles, but that's not the idea behind our site. It's merely intended to motivate you a bit more in sharing your knowledge and at the end be able to purchase e.g. a new SAP Press book to increase your knowledge.
  • Payments can be requested after each set of 20 articles and will be done using Paypal (www.paypal.com). In order to request/receive a payment you should provide an Excel file with the overview of posted articles.

 If you think the above advantages have convinced you in joining our team, please fill out the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

 Getting Started

Once you are subscribed as a contributor, you should look at the tutorials available:

  • creating a Gravatar Profile
  • updating your Author Profile
  • creating your first Blog post

These tutorials are available HERE.

When intrested in sharing your own articles, please drop an email to pelssersdavy@hotmailDOTcom