How To Unlock "locked MS Word" documents in SAP CRM

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If you are using SAP CRM, chances are you are using some sort of MS Word Integration.

At my current customer for example, we are using MS Word integration in that sense that we create "Document Templates" (MS Word Based) that are used to create  e.g. contracts or an answer for a customer complaint.

These templates are also using a Web Service to fill out all variables that were used in the document template which might be coming from transactional data or customer master data for example.

If I were to create for example a new document starting from my service request, I would push the button "With Template" in my assignment block "Attachments".

Next a pop-up is shown (where due to own coding only certain templates are shown based on the user's assignment to a certain sales organization) that proposes all relevant templates that may be used for this transaction type.

After having selected a specific template, MS word is launched and a new MS word document is created based on that template where all variables are prefilled dynamically due to the webservice.

You"ll probably see the following pop-up, if a lot of variables are being retrieved from SAP CRM.

Now, the end-user will fill out all necessary additional information in the document and save it. It will be attached in the assignment block "attachments" for that particular service request. During editing of this document a lock is being set by SAP. This lock is normally removed automatically once the document is closed.

In some cases however, due to whatever reason, it may occur that the lock is not getting removed. As such, the next employee who might want to view or edit the document will not be able to do so.

In order to remove such a lock, SAP provides a useful report: RSIR_REMOVE_CHECKOUT_LOCKS 

When you execute this report you"ll see the following:

Make sure to fill out the document area "CRM" here.

By default, in the block "relative selection" the field "Lock Older than x days' is filled with 7. You can also lower this to 1 or  less  if you have a person that calls you telling you he has just locked a document, got some problem in CRM due to which he had to logon again, and notice the document is locked.

With the above selection criteria, I can now see the following locked entries:

Here you can select a specific entry (based on e.g. the AGENT ) or just delete all entries that are older (in this case 7 days).

This actually is a very useful report and if you did not know it , I assume you would have no other option than to recreate the whole document once again.


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By Ana Ivanovic on 4 October 2015 at 16:39

What if we cannot reach CRM tank for MS Word? We use IE11, Win 8.1. Do you have any recommendation? When we tried with mozilla everything works correctly.

Thank you very much.


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