How to restrict access to “Direct Links” or ”Direct link Groups” via UIU_COMP

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for now the final post with regards to Useful SQVI queries regarding SAP CRM authorizations.

This post will explain how you can easily find back the relevant authorization values for the authorization object UIU_COMP in the context of Quick or Direct Create links in the  SAP CRM WEBUI.

When I am referring to Direct Create links, then I mean those that are defined in your navigation bar profile.

You see that in the first Direct Link Group there are several direct create links available. These allow you to immediately jump to the creation screen for such an object.

The relevant SAP CRM tables I used for my SQVI query are the following ones:

  • CRMC_UI_PROFILE          Contains the link between Business role and Navigation Bar Profile
  • CRMC_UI_NB_A_DLG     Contains the link between Navigation Bar Profile and related Direct Link groups
  • CRMC_UI_ROLE_DLG     Link between the direct link group and the direct links
  • CRMC_UI_LLINK_T          Contains the Texts of the Logical Link IDs
  • CRMC_UI_LLINK                 Contains the link between the Logical Link ID and the Target ID
  • CRMC_UI_COMP_IP          Contains the necessary data for UIU_COMP (component/Window/Inbound Plug)

You can download the document below which explains the creation and the usage of this query in more detail. I also give some practical examples here....



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