How to quickly start testing the functionalities of a specific SAP CRM business role

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Hi, in this post I'll quickly show you how you can start testing the functionalities and look and feel of a SAP CRM business role. The reason why you might want to do so, is because you started out a new SAP CRM project, and based on the Request for Proposal you have an idea about which standard SAP Business role most of the required functionalities are available in. Without needing to really customize your own customer specific business role, you just want to launch let's say the standard SALESPRO or SERVICEPRO business role.

At a real go-live, in most companies I have been involved implementing SAP CRM the
approach(es) for assigning a certain business role to and End-user are:

1) via the assignment of the employee in the organisational model

2) via the PFCG role assignd to the users SU01 master record (the one you also have defined in business role customizing)



Now being a consultant, and to really get a quickstart in testing out the functionalities of a specific business role, I am what concerns this article referring to the 3d option, so using the parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE.

How to use this:

1) you should know the name of the business role(s) you want to give a test-run

2) in the SAPGUI, launch the transaction code SU3 (normally everyone get's the authorization rights to use this transaction code) - assuming you did not get SU01 authorization access on the development sytem.

3) The values for this User Parameter you can maintain are either:

  • *
  • a business role name

Example 1:

Launch the transaction code SU3:

Click on the tabpage "Parameters" and fill out the parameter name "CRM_UI_PROFILE" and add the value * (asterisk)

If I now logon in the CRM WEBUI, I will (normally) see a list of all business roles defined in the SAP CRM system. I can click on one from this list and start testing that particular business role.

Remark: I am in this case of course assuming you have the necessary authorizations in the first place.

Example 2: I already know the name of a particular business role I want to test.

In this case, instead of putting the Value *¨in the User Parameter, I enter e.g. the business role name SALESPRO.

When now logging on in the SAP CRM WEBUI, I do not get a selection list to choose from , but immediately launch the SAP CRM WEB UI using that particular business role.

Using the CTRL+ALT+F2 button combination, you can see I am actually logged in with the business role SALESPRO.


Remark: as you will read below in the comments you OBVIOUSLY also need to have the "right" PFCG authorization roles to actually be able to do anything!! Assignment of a BUSINESS role is 1 thing, assigning of corresponding authorization roles/values another thing. 



Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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6 thoughts on “How to quickly start testing the functionalities of a specific SAP CRM business role

Comment author said

By Amit on 21 November 2012 at 13:27

Very informative helpful article ,keep on posting such articles and make sap community versatile to work on all issues


Comment author said

By Masood on 12 December 2012 at 15:27


When I try to test the functionality of a business role. I can login to Web UI with a business role but when I click on anyting inside that page nothing opens.

Please advise if this is a Basis issue or configuration issue?



Comment author said

By Davy Pelssers on 12 December 2012 at 16:39

Hi Masood
assigning a business role is 1 thing, but having the right authorizations another. You do NOT automatically get any PFCG authorization roles assigned so you Authorization administrator should give you corresponding authorization access. Normally consultants do get a broad authorization role where usually no restrictions are made on e.g. the level of specific non critical SAP CRM authorization objects to start with. That is easily achieved by making a copy of the standard corresponding PFCG authorization role that is maintained in business role customizing.e.g. If you would need to test the business role SALESPRO your authorization admin should create a copy of the corresponding PFCG role SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL into e.g. Z_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL
He should also assign a copy of the basic role SAP_CRM_UIU_FRAMEWORK (contains object plog which is needed in order to be able to dynamically read the org model assignment of a user/employee to a position and based on that see what business role is inherited via the org model.

so -no basis issue, probably only missing authorizations.



Comment author said

By suman on 28 February 2014 at 11:49


i want to ask how to load roles which will display standard ui functionality one without enhanced components.


Comment author said

By Terry on 4 March 2013 at 05:07

Thank Davy, this website is really great! CTRL+ALT+F2 is not working for me. Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot!


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