How to maintain a start transaction in the SAP GUI

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Often, there is a transaction you use frequently and which you would like to have as your default starting transaction. This means that the SAP GUI will start up and instead of going to the SAP menu, you directly navigate to the transaction.

Just right click on anywhere in the SAP menu and choose the option ‘Set start transaction’

Enter the name of the transaction you want to use as the default start transaction and continue:

Next time you start up your SAP GUI, you’ll see in the status bar, your transaction of choice is starting:

Your transaction is opened indeed, instead of the standard SAP menu:

Now, if you want to remove this start transaction, you can just follow the same steps. Right click on the SAP menu and select the ‘Set start transaction’ option:

Instead of entering a transaction code, just make sure the input field is cleared an continue:

The standard SAP menu is opened again when opening the SAP GUI:

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By Sohail on 17 November 2013 at 14:16

Thank you my friend for this valuable info, i was very frustrated because my system keep showing me ME21N transaction on the login.

Keep it up the good work :)


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