How to Hide or Show Recent Items (objects) in your SAP CRM Navigation Bar (profile)

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In this article we'll have a quick look at the functionality of Recent Items that is provided in SAP CRM.  Depending on the customizing settings of your Navigation bar profile assigned to the Business Role you logon with in SAP CRM, you may be able to see the "Recent Items" in your navigation bar as shown below. Basically in standard, recent items are visible in most standard delivered business roles. A recent item is basically a navigation link to an object you recently "touched", or better said opened/displayed/created. It's useful as it let's you know what you were working on e.g. friday evening before you entered the weekend. Next monday, you"ll quickly remember you were e.g. working on an important contract or opportunity and can therefore quickly navigate to this object using the recent item navigation link.

Example Recent Items in SAP CRM 7.0 WEBUI

In the example above I used the standard delivered SAP Business role SALESPRO.

Let's first take a look in Customizing,in order to find back the assigned navigation bar profile:

SPRO >> Customer relationship management >> UI Framework >> Business Roles>>Define business roles

or via tcode CRMC_UI_PROFILE

Here we see that the navigation bar profile is called SLS-PRO.

If we next take a look at the navigation bar profile itself:

SPRO >>Customer relationship Management >>UI Framework >> Technical Role Definition >>Define Navigation Bar Profile

or Using the transaction code CRMC_UI_NBLINKS

Now, either you could remove this direct link group in the navigation bar profile itself. But I personally think the best option to do so is in business role customizing itself, as frequently you will create 1 Z- or Y- navbar profile and assign this to multiple Z or Y business roles. It's often on business role level itself that you would like to remove/deactivate/hide work centers/navigation links/direct link groups etc.

As you can see it's very easy to "hide" (unflag the field Visible) these recent items or even delete them (select the line REC_ITEMS and push the delete button) on business role level itself.



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By Ruxandra Petrina on 12 March 2014 at 16:00

Nice article.
How could be possible to hide fields from Navigation Bar - First Level Navigation? For example, from IC webclient: Hide field "Account Overview" / "Fax" / "letter" .

I am novice to CRM and need guidance as this article.
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