How to get the technical information for a screen (View)

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In this tutorial you will learn how you easily can find back the technical information about a View (Overview Page or Assignment Block) you have navigated to in the SAP CRM WEBUI. I will also explain you why it's important to use this functionality (I 'll address this from the point of view of a functional SAP CRM consultant) :-)

Let's assume I currently logged on in the SAP CRM WEB UI, and I am looking at product information on the Product Overview Page. In this case you would probably see a screen like this:

Now, there may be different reasons why I might want to look up the technical information about either the Overview Page or one of the visible assignment blocks.

Just to name some:

  • I might get a shortdump when calling this Overview Page
  • I might have an unexpected error in one of the assignment blocks (e.g. short dump or BSP error)
  • I might want to enhance the screen (Overview page) by adding additional assignment blocks (screen configuration)
  • The customer might want to enhance a screen because some fields should be removed from the screen, certain fields might need to be made "display only" , a new Z-field might have to be added on a certain view (using easy enhancement workbench EEWB or using the AET).
  • Knowing the component name and/or view name also might enable me to find back relevant SAP OSS notes by searching on e.g. component name and/or view name.
  • If I am writing an FSP (functional specification) it's always usefull not just to show a screenshot of what you mean; want to change/enhance, but also write down the technical information about it, if you can. This allows a faster and more efficient communication with your developer(s) who might be working off-shore.

Look up the technical information for an Overview Page

Now, suppose I am intrested to know the technical information about an OVERVIEW PAGE (that's the one containing ALL relevant assignment blocks) about a certain Business Object (in this example this would be a Product). Then I would do for example a "left-mouse click" on the "NEW" or "Copy" button (don't let go of your mouse when performing the click) and next push the F2 button.

This action will trigger the pop-up with following information:

In the above screenshot, I can now see that the Component name is PRD01OV (OV stands for OverView page).

I also know that the specific viewname is MaterialOV.

Look up the technical information for a specific Assignment Block (AB)

Now suppose I want to know the technical information for one of the visible assignment blocks within the Overview Page. Let's take the "Product Details" assignment block as an example.

In this case I could do a left-mouse-click on one of the fields in this assignment block (e.g. Base Category) and again press the F2-button.

This will show me the following information:

Once again, I can see that my component name is called PRDHS , and the viewname is called Header.



Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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