How To Find Back SAP Transaction Codes?

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There are many ways how you can find back transaction codes or the technical name of a transaction within the SAP system you are using.

I will illustrate some of them in this article.

You can navigate to the transaction code using the SAP Menu.

E.g. In the SAP ECC system you will see following standard SAP menu in the SAPGUI:


In order to see the transaction code in the SAP Menu in front of the description, you might need to change settings in the menu, by choosing:

Extras >> Settings


Next, you choose ”Display Technical Names”.

Next to the description, you now also can see the technical Transaction code.

You can use the transaction code SE93 to search for transaction codes

With the input help search function you can also look for specific transaction codes.

As an example you see below the transaction code BP , used in SAP CRM to create a Business Partner (e.g. customer, employee, contact person,..)


You can find back a list of available transaction codes within a particular system within the tables TSTC & TSTCT (text table) using the transaction code SE16.


Table TSTC contains all transaction codes within that particular SAP system and also indicated the relevant program name behind the transaction code.

Table TSTCT contains all transaction codes and their corresponding description (language dependant).

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