How to find a transaction in the SAP menu

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Searching the right transaction in the SAP menu for the functionality you need, can take a very long time if you need to search through the whole structure path of the SAP menu. To help you in this process, you can use transaction code search_sap_menu. This transaction code helps you to find every occurrence in the SAP menu of a word/sentence of your choice.

Enter transaction code search_sap_menu in the command field:

In the pop-up, enter the search term of your choice. In this example we are looking for a transaction that has something to do with the organizational model:

When you continue, you’ll get a complete list of where in the SAP menu your transaction can be found. Even more, you get a display of the transaction code itself:

If now, for example, we want to find out where we can find the transaction in the SAP menu, we follow the given structure path from bottom to top:

In the SAP menu we can find the transaction under the given structure indeed:

Another way - which as far as I know will do the same trick, and takes les effort is just using the binoculars:

In the search box, you can choose whether you want to perform your search based on the technical name ( = transaction code) or the description of your transaction code. (I usually leave both indicators set)

Thanks Dave for reminding me of this last option...I forgot to include it initially :-)


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