How to debug a pop-up window in the SAP GUI

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Debugging a pop-up window is not an easy thing to do in the SAP GUI. Normally when being in a transaction, you can use the /H command. The next action you perform, will automatically open the debugger.

When a pop-up window is open, you are not able to enter the command in the System Function Bar. This doesn’t mean you can’t debug the pop-up window.

First of all, in your SAP GUI, press the  icon or use the keyboard shortcut ‘Alt+F12’ and select ‘Create Shortcut…’:


A pop-up appears. Please enter following details:

Title: Choose the title you prefer for your shortcut

Type: Choose ‘System Command’ in the type drop down list

Command: Make sure to enter the command ‘/h

System Description: Select the system you want the shortcut to be active for

System ID: This option will grey out if you have chosen an item in the ‘System Description’ drop down list

Start Parameters: This option will grey out if you have chosen an item in the ‘System Description’ drop down list

Client: Enter the client of your system. If you don’t know it, you can find it at the right in your status bar

User: Enter the name of your debug user

Password: This use of this field is not recommended

Language: Choose the language of your choice

Location: Choose a location for the shortcut to be saved


After all the details are entered, you can push the ‘Next >’ button:

In the next screen, just click ‘Finish’:

You’ll get a pop-up saying the shortcut was created on the location you chose.

Once the shortcut is created, you can find it on the location you have defined:






Now, to debug a pop-up window, drag and drop the shortcut you’ve just created on the pop-up window:

In the status bar, you will see debugging is switched on:


The ABAP debugger will open in a new session and you are now able to debug the pop-up window:

Please note this shortcut can not only be used to debug pop-ups but also to debug regular sessions/transactions in the SAP GUI. Just drag and drop the shortcut in the session and you’ll see in the status bar the debugger gets switched on.


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