How to create a shortcut to a transaction?

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In this tutorial you will learn how you can create a Desktop shortcut to any SAP Transaction code.



Right click on the transaction you want to make a shortcut for and select the ‘Create shortcut on the desktop’ option:


If a SAP GUI security pop up appears, choose one of the allow options.

On your desktop, a new icon appears. This is the shortcut to your transaction:

Enter the following details in the new pop-up that appears:

  •  Title: Choose the title you prefer for your shortcut
  •  Type: Leave this on the value ‘Transaction’
  •  Transaction: This is the transaction code of the transaction you are creating a shortcut for System
  •  Description: Select the system you want the shortcut to be active for System
  •  ID: This option will grey out if you have chosen an item in the ‘System Description’ drop down list Start
  •  Parameters: This option will grey out if you have chosen an item in the ‘System Description’ drop down list
  •  Client: Enter the client of your system. If you don’t know it, you can find it at the right in your status bar
  • User: Enter the user ID of your user in the system you are creating a shortcut for
  • Password: Cannot be entered. The system will always ask for your password when opening the shortcut
  • Language: Choose the language of your choice

If a SAP GUI security pop up appears, choose one of the allow options.

Enter your password. The input field for the user name should already be filled:

The SAP GUI is opened and the chosen transaction is started:

Please note there is also another way to create a shortcut. Press the 

icon or use the keyboard shortcut ‘Alt+F12’ and select ‘Create Shortcut…’:

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3 thoughts on “How to create a shortcut to a transaction?

Comment author said

By Samuel Vendetti on 13 August 2013 at 21:07

hi ! Is it possible to create a shortcut that would take you to a transaction but will also fill in the fields for the value you previously setted ? Example :
lets say I have a transaction called ABC, the screen of this transaction has a blank field (like once you enter this transaction it bring you to the "transaction screen") on this screen there is one field that they ask me for. Lets call it "Material".
Usually i have to enter the material I want lets say :123. It then brings me to the page I've been looking for. So I tried making a shortcut but the shortcut bring me to ABC, not to ABC ->123.
Is there a way that when I click the shorcut it bring me to ABC with the field already been filled ?
something like a line of code in the text that says "input: Material = 123" or something like that.

Sorry if it is not very clear, I don't know anything in codes and I just started working on SAP at work.

Thanks for your help.


Comment author said

By Wouter Venhuizen on 30 August 2013 at 08:17

Yes, edit the command line in the shortcut :


The * specifies that the first screen should be skipped. RMMG1-MATNR is the screen field as shown in the technical help of the field.



Comment author said

By Vinka on 19 September 2013 at 10:23

Can you assign keyboard shortcut to this new shortcut. For example, want to opet MM03 with CTRL+M or something simmilar? Tnx :)


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