How to add and maintain favorites in your SAP Menu

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 In the start screen of your SAP GUI, right click on ‘Favorites’. If the User Menu is open  instead of the SAP Menu, press the icon  in the Application Bar or Use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+F11".


Insert a transaction as favorite:

Right click on the ‘Favorites’ folder and choose ‘Insert transaction’:

Insert Transaction In SAP Favorites






Enter the transaction code you want to save as favorite and continue:

Insert Sap Transaction Code into Favorites





The transaction is now saved as a favorite:

tcode BP is added as Favorite





Double clicking on the transaction name will open the transaction:

Transaction code BP


 Order your SAP GUI Favorites using folders:

Right click on the ‘Favorites’ folder and choose ‘Insert folder’:

Insert Folder in SAP Menu







Give a significant name for your folder and continue:

To add transactions to the folder, you can either right click on the folder and insert transactions or drag and drop the transactions already available in your ‘Favorites’:








When clicking with the right mouse button on the folder, you get the following options:

  •  Close folder: The folder is displayed folded. The favorite transactions are not visible under the folder. You can right   click again and choose ‘Open folder’ to open the folder again.
  •  Change favorite: Change the name of the folder
  •  Delete favorite: Delete the folder AND all the favorite transactions below
  •  Insert folder: Insert another folder under the current one
  •  Insert transaction: Insert a new favorite transaction under the folder
  •  Add other objects: Insert a new favorite object under the folder

Sap Menu maintenance options








Delete al favorites from your SAP GUI Favorites:

Right click on the ‘Favorites’ folder and choose ‘Delete all favorites’:

Delete All SAP Favorites











In the pop-up window that opened, choose ‘Yes’:

Delete all SAP Favorites in menu

Please note you can manually delete each favorite by right clicking on it and selecting the ‘Delete favorite’ option.

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By abdul on 26 November 2015 at 13:49

How to copy a single user favorite to 20 other users ?

I know how to do for a single user. one way is that we can download the favorite and we can upload the favorite to other user.


Comment author said

By Farah on 27 March 2016 at 16:43

How to leave the folder open without it being automatically close?


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