How can you see which User is logged on in the CRM WEBUI and with which Business Role

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Hi, in this very short tutorial I am quickly going to show you how you can find out which user is logged on in the CRM WEBUI and with which business role.

This is very useful if you are working in support mode (e.g. after a Go-live of your project) where you basically are doing hypercare support to ensure all problems end-users are having get solved.  As your company might be using multiple business roles, and you not always know all end-users yet. As a consequence you do not know what kind of business role they actually logon with in the SAP CRM system. Therefore this short tip is very useful if you are about to start analysing a certain issue. :-)

Some of the issues (just as an illustration) for which it's important to know what business role the user actually is using to logon into SAP CRM might be:

  • he is not seeing a certain work center
  • he does not have access to a certain second level navigation link (the search related ones you'll find back behind a workcenter) or those that can be found on a Work Center page itself.
  • he does not see certain buttons (custom made buttons or standard SAP buttons - e.g. export to excell; ...)

Especially as there are multiple ways a user could potentially inherit /use a certain business role, e.g.

- his assignment in the organisational model

- his user parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE (if you are using this approach at least)

- his PFCG role assigned to his userID (SU01 master record) which is the same as defined in a specific business role


Anyway, if I arrive at an end-user with a certain problem, and I am uncertain of the business role he has used to logon to the SAP CRM System, and I only can see his screen, e.g.:

Now comes the trick: Press the buttons CTRL + ALT + F2

You should now get a pop-up looking like this:

As you can see, I now KNOW who is logged on in this session & with which business role the user has logged on in the CRM WEBUI.


Davy has been working as an SAP Consultant since 2000 and started working in the SAP IS-U Module , but as of 2002 he has mainly worked as functional SAP CRM consultant and SAP Authorizations consultant.
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By tripti on 24 September 2012 at 07:21

nicely explained


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By Manan on 14 February 2013 at 11:41

Now comes the trick: Press the buttons CTRL + SHIFT + F2


Comment author said

By Kaba on 13 February 2015 at 12:51


I tried CTRL ALT F2 and wasnt getting anywhere 😀


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