How can you check which User Parameters are set for a User?

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When talking about User Parameters, I am referring to the ones you can set in your SAP User Master Record (SU01).

Usually the User administrator will maintain specific generic user parameters for all users.

At most companies, users are also allowed to maintain their own user parameters using the transaction code SU3 – assuming they have access to the SAP GUI.

SU01 - User Master Record

How can you find back this information?

The first option to find back this information >> User parameters are stored in table USR05.

Launch the transaction code SE16 and call up the table USR05.

SAP Table USR05
Fill out the User ID for which you want to do a certain check in the field “User” and press the button EXECUTE.

SAP Table USR05 - User Parameters

A second option is using the function module SUSR_USER_PARAMETERS_GET

Launch the transaction code SE37 and enter the function module.

Press the button


In the field USER_NAME enter the User ID for which you want to check the user parameters.

Press “Execute” or

Click on the Result!

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