Finding Tables and Fields within SAP CRM

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Finding tables can be very frustrating and time consuming, especially within SAP CRM where all programming is object oriented. Finding tables has become more important when off-shoring was introduced. Functional specifications have to be at a very high quality level. During my working time I have collected some tips & tricks how to speed up this process.

Basically there is a very simple step method which can be used in any case. Dependent on your experience you will probably skip some steps because you know this is not working. Following step list can be used for finding tables and fields:

  • Search using pressing F1 on the specific field

Sometime this will give you the table but normally this only show the structure

  • Search using SE16

Using SE16 you can search on descriptions in transparant tables or views

  • Search using OSS

Enter a description regarding the subject or a found structure (using F1) and check in the outcome which tables are listed in the oss message

  • Search using SE11

Select the found structure (using F1) and select the where-used functionality to find the corresponding table

  • Search using ST05

This is a very powerful method. ST05 will list all SQL statement’s including functions and tables used during a specific time. Switch the trace on just before the table update and analyse the outcome.

  • Search using SD11, SE36 or table DD03L

Use the data dictionary to find the corresponding table

  • Search using debugging

Last option is to activate the debugging and use the ‘set breakpoint at statement’ INSERT or UPDATE or DELETE function.
These option list can be used to find the corresponding table. Dependent on the problem and situation you can start with one of these possibilities. Normally ST05 is very powerful and can provide the table name (including dependencies with other tables) on a very easy way.

Mr. Stolmeijer worked after his study Computer Science as system manager, application manager, planner and final responsible for the total logistic organization of Johan Enschedé Security Printing (graphical sector). Within Capgemini mister Stolmeijer started as junior SAP consultant and rapidly come up as managing SAP consultant. During his work he fulfilled several roles as programmer, information analyst, consultant, team leader, lead consultant, solution architect and integration manager in different environments. Mister Stolmeijer fullfilled the role of SAP CRM thoughtleader for several years. During his work he completed the study business management. Currently mister Stolmeijer is SAP business consultant at Acorel
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