SAP Workflow:Demo on working with step “Loop (Until)” along with container elements and other Steps

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Prerequisite: You should have a  basic understanding  of SAP Workflow and usage of container elements, container operation and Send Mail Steps.

1) Go to the t.code SWDD ( Workflow Builder ). By default, it opens the last developed workflow. So click on create to create a new Workflow. Below screen appears.

2) Double click the below shown item in the workflow container to create an element called Counter.

3) Then the below screen pops up and fill the screen as shown below,

4) Now create a step “Loop (Until)”.

5) Now the following screen of step “Loop Until” opens and set the condition as below, i.e. the loop runs until

6) Now your workflow appears as below,

7) Then create a “Send Mail” step on the “False” branch of step “Loop Until” as shown below,

8) Enter the following details in “Send Mail” step and click on Transfer and to graphic

9) Give an abbrevation and name to the Task.

10) Now your workflow would look like below,

11) Then create a “Container operation” step on the same “False” branch of step “Loop Until” after the Send Mail step.

12) Build the below condition, to increment the counter element.

13) Now your workflow appears as below,

14) Save and activate the entire workflow and test it

15) Click on in the below screen,

16) Go to your Business workplace (SBWP) and check the inbox. You will find two mails, as the counter is initially set to ‘1’ and loop runs for two times until Counter gets incremented to ‘3’ to satisfy the condition that was set in container operation.

Avinash Palavai, SAP Technical Consultant, StraVis IT Solutions.
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By Carlos Vargas on 13 January 2014 at 14:10

Great example.


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