Deleting a Product from Product Master in SAP CRM

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Ever wondered as to how you delete a product from CRM when there is no delete button to delete a product? However, you can still delete a product in CRM.

Sometimes you may require deleting products from the Product Master.

One of the cases where you may require is when you are trying to modify you Set Type but it says “The Product for this Set Type exists and Set Type cannot be deleted”. Which means that product (S) is created in the system with the data for this Set Type already maintained.

To proceed further you may need to first delete that product.

Here are the detailed steps to do delete a single product at time from your CRM system.

1)      Execute Transaction SE11.

2)      Choose Database Table = COMC_PR_TOOL_REG.

3)      Click on Display Button.

4)      Click on Utilities -> Table Contents -> Create Entries.

5)      Enter the following:

  2. User Name = <your user id>
  3. Exec Date = Current Date.

6)      Click on Save Button. Now your program is registered for product deletion.

7)      Go to transaction SE38.

8)      Enter Program = COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE.

9)      Click on Execute Button (F8).

10)   Enter the following details of the products that you want to delete and then click on Execute Button.

  1. Product ID = Z09_ECATT4
  2. Product Type = 01 (Material)
  3. Logical System = XYZ
  4. Simulation - No Deletion = 'Unchecked'

11)   Your Product is now deleted!!

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2 thoughts on “Deleting a Product from Product Master in SAP CRM

Comment author said

By Davy Pelssers on 21 September 2012 at 14:03

Hi Jatin,
congratulations with your first Article!
I just wanted to add some additional information.
Deleting a product in SAP CRM can technically be executed the way you explained! thanks for this information!

Just some remarks:
* if you delete a product, make sure to check it has not been used somewhere in a business transaction yet.
potentially you build a SQVI/SQ01 query to perform this check.
* on the level of the product (tcode commpr01) you also have a block called STATUS, with available statusses such as :
- to archive
- locked
- deleted
wich might be used in the context of archiving products - and therefore might be a more secure way when wanting to delete a product.

* last but not least: if you have an intregration between SAP CRM and SAP ECC, where at most companies the material master is downloaded from SAP ECC into SAP CRM, you may want to avoid deleting a product in SAP CRM if it's already used in a business transaction in CRM and/or ECC. Deleting a product in SAP CRM will trigger a Bdoc , and therefore normally will also delete the product in ECC, which may be an unwanted result...

I had to perform a simular action this week where I needed to delete approximately 3000 business partners downloaded from an SAP ECC system into CRM. The reason of deletion was that the filter settings in Object CUSTOMER_MAIN (see tcode R3AC1) were initially not correct, having as a consequence that too many BP's were downloaded. In order to only delete those in CRM, we had to deregister the outbound QUEUE (SMQ01), delete the Business partners in CRM, and afterwards delete all outbound queues going to SAP ECC , to assure they were not getting deleted in SAP ECC too...
I'll post this example soon...
Davy Pelssers


Comment author said

By sudhakar lankapothu on 10 December 2013 at 16:32



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