Creating your own maintenance view and link it to SPRO Customizing – Part3

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In the previous parts of the blog, I created a maintenance view and attributed a specific layout to it different from the generated one.

If you have not read the first 2 parts, here are the links:

Part 1

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Perhaps you are now wondering how to call this view from SPRO and link it to a specific customizing point? If it is the case, then continue reading this third and last part of the blog!

First of all, we need a transaction code (that means a report) that will call the maintenance view dialog.

  • Create a report with a form F_CALL_VIEW
    REPORT zmme884_call_view.
    PERFORM f_call_view.
  • Add the following code to form F_CALL_VIEW

  • As you may notice, the form is structured as follows:
    • Authorization check by a call to form F_AUTHORITY. You will find below the implementation of form F_AUTHORITY.

    • Lock the view ZVMM_T169 (if the user is authorized) by a call to form F_ENQUEUE.
      Below is the form implementation.

    • If the view is successfully locked, the view maintenance dialog is called using standard function module 'VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL'
    • The user is now able to edit the view and save its entries. After that, the view is unlocked using standard function module DEQUEUE_ALL.
    • Assign now a transaction ZIC_OMR6 to the report via SE80 or SE38 by clicking on “Create->Transaction”.

Once the transaction is available, it is linked to a customizing point via transaction S_IMG_Extension

  • Call transaction S_IMG_EXTENSION and select the SPRO structure to be extended, then click on “Enhance Structure”
  • Choose the SPRO path you need then use the toolbar buttons to add a customizing point.

  • In the next screen, enter view name and transaction.

  • Save the modifications in the screen and go back to your SPRO path and save it.

And that’s it!!! Our customizing point can now be tested!

Using SM30, add the following entries in ZTMM_T169E …..

……and ZTMM_T169T

Fill in the fields of the new entry. In the tolerance key field, the value “ZZ” is proposed in the matchcode.

Save and go back to list screen, the new entry is displayed

You can visualize the entry details again if you select it and click on details button
Go now to table ZTMM_T169G. I assume you will find the created entry now!

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