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How to add a new Attribute and Set Type and make it visible on CRM_UI - Part I

This article is about the steps each CRM Consultant needs to take in order to have the attribute displayed on UI.

When creating a new attribute you need to ask yourself a lot of questions. For example, you would need to know if the new attribute will be assigned to an existing Set Type or to a new one.

We will take the second scenario: the attribute will have its own set type. Continue reading »

Middleware Monitoring in SAP CRM: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -1


this is a first post in a series of middleware monitoring related activities in the context of BDoc Type BUPA_MAIN. Do take into account that some of the posts may no longer be relevant, as it really depends on the release you are currenlty working in. Nevertheless, I consider them useful for anyone who wants to learn more about BDOC monitoring in SAP CRM. Continue reading »

Procedure to DELETE SAP ECC Customers that were downloaded into SAP CRM by mistake

1.    Use Case
At one of my customers we have the following setup:

  • B2C customers are created in SAP CRM and NOT transferred into SAP ECC.
  • B2B customers are downloaded into SAP CRM, and are also created in SAP CRM. In SAP CRM they are transferred into SAP ECC when certain conditions are met, e.g. maintaining the business partner role Sold-to-Party and some other details.

In this tutorial I will explain more about how you can technically delete business partners (organizations) there were downloaded from SAP ECC into SAP CRM by mistake. Continue reading »