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SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring: BUPA_MAIN error analysis -3

Hi, this is another article about a specific type of error you may encounter when downloading your customers from a SAP ECC system into your SAP CRM system, related to Bank Master Data.

Error message: Bank XXXXXXXXX for country XX does not exist

During replication of a Business partner (customer/contact person) from R/3 towards CRM something went wrong. The relevant bank master data available in both systems (CRM & R/3) is not synchronized for Table BNKA. Continue reading »

SAP CRM Middleware Monitoring: PRODUCT_MAT error analysis -2

Hi, in this post I will show you some errors I encountered and solved when we had middleware errors when downloading SAP Material Master from SAP ECC into SAP CRM.

Error in Transfer of R/3 Materials

BDOC Errors:

Via SMW01 monitoring you will see for the BDOC type PRODUCT_MAT several errors.

  • Plant xxx is not assigned to any location
  • Value xx is not permitted for attribute product group Continue reading »

SAP CRM Authorizations:ISSUES with ST01 Authorization Tracing in SAP CRM

In this article I will give you a great tip that might save you a real headache and especially a lot of wasted hours when solving an authorization issue in SAP CRM. This article is related to the usage of the authorization object UIU_COMP that is used in SAP CRM to give access to Work Centers, Navigation Links, Direct Create links and other Views in SAP CRM. Continue reading »

How to add a new Attribute and Set Type and make it visible on CRM_UI - Part II

We have seen how to create an attribute and a set type in my previous post.  Also, we know what to check and what we need to pay attention to while creating those.

The next steps will take you through the process of getting the attribute on UI.

3. You need to assign the set type to the product category. Go to COMM_HIERARCHY, choose the relevant hierarchy, and navigate to the product category you need to assign your set type to. Choose EDIT option and press the Add button.

Continue reading »