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Overview of the SAP ECC Customer Blocks & Deletion flags and corresponding fields in SAP CRM

In this article I will try to illustrate which fields in the SAP ECC Customer master correspond to which fields in SAP CRM.
More specific this will be illustrated for Customer Blocks (central) and Sales area related as well for deletion flags.

If we have a look in SAP ECC, using the transaction XD02 we can change these settings on the customer master - which will be reflected in SAP ECC tables KNA1 and KNVV. If you have an integrated SAP CRM system, then these changes will in most cases also be reflected in SAP CRM and vice versa via the middleware integration. Continue reading »

Logging into SAP CRM without entering client and Language


Normally a user opens CRM WebUI session and gets the following screen.

Nomral WEBUI Logon Screen












If the Client and Language in which user has to log-in, is going to be the same every time, than it is possible to Bypass the Standard Logon Screen where a user will only have to enter his User Name and password. Technically,Client and Language will be taken from WebUI Logon parameter.  This is how it would look like after setting these parameters. Continue reading »

SAP CRM Authorizations: Process flow of the Authorization Check in Business Transactions

In this article I will show you where you can find more information about the "authorization check" that takes place in business transactions in SAP CRM. At the same time I will try to elaborate all checks in a specific blog post in the next coming weeks, so you"ll learn all relevant customizing checks/steps that are relevant to setup such a concept. I'll also explain in details the authorization objects that are relevant for each particular check using 1 or more examples. Continue reading »

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