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How to determine the Business Role of a User that logs on in the SAP CRM WEBUI?

Recently I have been catching up a bit with my CRM knowledge (functional and technical) :-) by doing a google search on SAP CRM blogs, reading SDN topics/posts, diving into interesting questions @ Sapfans.com and using many other useful resources.
One of the questions I found back was the following:
How can I check via debugging what business role a certain user is using to logon to the SAP CRM WEBUI? Continue reading »

Business Partner Role BUP001 not created for Contact Persons in the CRM WEBUI

In the standard Contact application you create a Contact Person with a relationship to an Account.

After saving the Contact Person, the business partner role "Contact Person" doesn't get created for the Contact Person automatically.

This might have negative impact on the Contact search if you require identifying Contact Persons by assignment of the Contact Person-role. Continue reading »

How to start SAP CRM WEBUI like an application

The SAP CRM WEBUI in the Internet Explorer browser is not as stable as it should be. End users can use the history buttons of the browser and they can change settings. To avoid this user behavior, you can let them work full screen by using the key shortcut ‘F11’. The problem is they can still disable this functionality by pressing the key again.

What you’ll see next is how to start the SAP CRM WEBUI directly as if it was an application. Continue reading »

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